Why Won’t My Garage Door Close All the Way?

garage door open ajar

Before you call garage door technicians in Myrtle Beach, SC, it may be helpful to learn why your garage door won’t fully close. In some cases, you may be able to resolve the problem yourself. Of course, if you’re ever unsure how to do something or have a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that something could go wrong, reach out to your local garage door professionals right away. The pros at Skylift Garage Doors are happy to help you troubleshoot problems, big or small.

With that said, let’s take a look at the top reasons why your garage door won’t close all the way.

There’s Something Blocking the Door’s Path

Modern garage doors are outfitted with safety sensors to ensure a closing door doesn’t harm anyone or anything in its path. Sometimes, these sensors erroneously detect objects in the way. More often than not, however, there’s something within the garage door’s path. First, do a quick sweep of your garage for any furniture, tools, or toys that may be blocking the sensors. Then, try closing your garage door again.

The Safety Sensors Are Out of Alignment

Did you clear everything from your garage door’s path, but it still won’t close all the way? Don’t step away from those sensors just yet. The problem may still lie with these little devices.

First, gently wipe the lens with a clean cloth. There may be dirt, dust, or debris preventing the sensors from effectively communicating with each other.

Next, try closing the garage door. Pay attention to the sensor’s LED light. If it’s green, your sensors are in good shape. However, the sensors are out of alignment if the light flashes red. You will need to replace the sensor’s bracket or tighten its screw to realign the sensors. Once they’re in alignment, your garage door should close as intended. If your door still isn’t opening and closing properly, you will need to keep troubleshooting. Or, you can call in a professional for a repair service, saving you the time and hassle of finding the problem yourself.

The Door Travel Limits Are Not Properly Set

Garage door openers have default settings that tell them how far the door needs to travel before it reaches the ground. If these travel limits are improperly set, your garage door may stop well before it reaches the ground. Check your owner’s manual to learn how to adjust your opener’s travel limit.

The Springs or Cables Are Broken

Your garage door’s springs and cables work in tandem to open and close your door and keep it balanced. If these parts begin to wear out or break, your entire garage door could become inoperable. Take a quick look at the cables and springs.

Are the cables loose or fraying? Do your springs have gaps or signs of rust? If you notice any issues with your garage door’s springs and cables, reach out to a certified technician for a garage door repair immediately. Attempting to fix these issues on your own can be very dangerous, so leave the replacements to a professional.

The Tracks Have Been Damaged

Another common reason garage doors won’t close all the way is that the tracks are bent or out of alignment. In addition to your door not closing properly, you may hear grinding or screeching noises. Make sure you schedule repairs as soon as you suspect something wrong with the tracks to avoid further strain on your garage door opener. Professionals like the ones at Skylift Garage Doors can quickly fix your garage door and ensure it operates safely and smoothly for years to come.

Trust Skylift Garage Doors to Fix Your Garage Door Issues

Garage door issues are never fun, but some can feel more urgent than others. If your garage door won’t close fully, it’s time to get in touch with your local garage door pros. At Skylift Garage Doors, we understand the array of issues homeowners face with their garage doors. We can help diagnose and repair the problem in no time, restoring your peace of mind and allowing you to get back to your day.

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